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Overseas Travel

Overseas travel exposes people to various unfamiliar environments. Our goal at Travel Care Medical is to provide concise and current travel and health advice, travel vaccinations and required medical kits thereby making travel fun and safe for everyone.  At Travel Care Medical in the western suburbs of Brisbane City, our travel doctors aim to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

Travel medicine advice is an important aspect of all pre-trip planning whether it is for a one week break to a “safe” destination or the trip of a lifetime to several exotic foreign destinations. While vaccine preventable diseases cause significant illness in unprotected Australian travellers every year, it is important to realise that your travel may place you at risk from other factors.

Seeking professional travel medicine advice 4-6 weeks before your departure may be the most important aspect of your travel planning.

We are a comprehensive travel clinic providing vaccinations, immunisations and medical advice for overseas travel and holidays. This practice is a designated registered Yellow Fever Clinic. We provide all travel vaccinations onsite including Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis A & B, Cholera, Tetanus and Typhoid.  Travel vaccinations for every itinerary are available on site.

We provide a complete range of travel health services to individuals, families, corporate groups and organisations. Our philosophy is to protect the health of travellers by providing exemplary clinical care along with specific advice and information for each traveller.

Please call our friendly reception staff to book an appointment. All patients with a current medicare card will have their consultation BULKBILLED.   All vaccines and consumables will be privately billed.

Travel Care Medical
Ph: 3715 6977